PCI Head & Neck Cancer

The Patient Concerns Inventory is a free tool for use in modern clinical practice. It consists of 57 clinical and other items which patients are asked to select to help guide their outpatient consultation through the symptoms and problems that they are experiencing following treatment for head and neck cancer. It helps to direct the consultation and can act as a trigger for on-ward referral for areas of patient concern.

Following extensive research we have discovered that;

  • It generally provides tremendous support from patient, nurse, and consultants.
  • The vast majority of patients wish to carry on using the PCI
  • It was easy to adopt in clinic with minimal disruption to the routine out-patient review consultations.
  • It makes the consultations more holistic and help patients to raise issues that otherwise tend to be missed.
  • It increases patient satisfaction with consultations.
  • It raises patients expectations but these are met through he use of the PCI.
  • Most issues are addressed in clinic with only a relatively small number needing formal new onward referral.

The PCI is one of the quality indicators for submission to DAHNOnational dataset next year.

Patients should be given a choice between paper and computer versions of the PCI.

  • Paper versions with your Trust logo are available on request

        (Contact us here).

  • It works on desktop, tablet and Ipad.

Your feedback would always be welcome and there will be a PCI section and discussion at the '10th H&N QOL conference' to be held in  November 2016.