They did it!!!

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They did it!!!

In the early evening of Saturday 11th August, a small crowd of family, friends and well wishers gathered at the base of Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral. High above them, over the maginficent main doorway, were the scafolding and ropes about to be used by our team of eight intrepid abseilers.

First they had to climb up 244 steps to reach the abseiling platform - which probably would have been enough of a chellenge for most of us waiting nervously below. Kitted out in harnesses and yellow safety helmets, they looked very small over 150ft above us, and yet there they were about to leap off the edge into the unknown - all to raise funds for Head and Neck Cancer Research and Support

Ed Grocott (despite his fear of heights), Bill Crowe, Andrew Wootton, Chris Hawkins, Julie Andrews, Terry Jones (with his jet lag), Kate Wilson (taking Sheila Dodd's place at heroically short notice) and Ric Dodd all made it down safely - to the cheers and shouts of all their supporters below.

THANK YOU all - and indeed thank you to everyone who turned up on the day as part of the "Cheering Section".

Having "leapt" so magnificently, all our charity abseilers are now busily collecting their sponsorship. And their JustGiving will remain open for online donations for another few weeks yet.

We're hoping to top the £1,000 mark.

Very well done all!

Latest Update

The money is just about all in now, and in total the team think they've raised over£2,200!